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Flores, Gloria Alejandra
Graduate Associate

Gloria is a PhD Candidate in Latin American Literary and Cultural Studies at the University of Arizona. She received her M.A. in both Latin American Literature and Dance Pedagogy from the New Mexico State University. Her main research interests include Dance and Movement Politics, Postcolonial Theory, Critical Theory, 20th and 21st Century Latin American Literature, Visual Cultural Studies, Transatlantic and Colonial Narrative. She is currently working on her dissertation titled "Dancing Language: The Politics of Bodily Movement and Gesture in Latin America" which attempts to posit movement and gesture as an espistemology and production of knowledge challenging the politics of race and identity in Latin America.

Gloria's research has been inspired by dance performance and choreography. Her pedagogical background includes the exploration of transformational methods of teaching and learning kinesthetically and movement as an strategic teaching tool. She recently received the Spring 2021 Mellon-Fronteridades Grad Fellowship Award from Confluence Center for Creative Inquiry for her project "Pendular Borders: A Work on Dance and Female Border Crossing" which examines the narrativity of female migration from kinesthetic approaches. 

Currently Teaching

SPAN 352 – Reading Politics and Culture in the Hispanic World

Introduction to major theories, readings and analyses of culture in Latin America, the Iberian Peninsula,and Latinos in the U.S.