Translation and Interpretation: Social Justice and Practice

This is the introductory course to the Translation and Interpretation major. The course addresses fundamental philosophical, theoretical, and technical knowledge and skills necessary for the  provision of professional cross-cultural linguistic services in the healthcare and legal sectors. The course has four parts. The First Part provides an overview of human rights and social-justice goals for the provision of equal access and the role that language policies, translation and interpreting services for limited and non-English speaking populations play in attaining those goals. The Second Part explores how language works, the nature and structure of language, and aspects of linguistics relevant to the development of translation competence, especially grammatical competence in English and Spanish. The Third Part examines concepts and techniques related to perception, understanding, meaning, purpose, and function applied to professional translation and interpretation. The Fourth Part examines general aspects of the practice and professional standards of translation, interpretation and cross-cultural communication in healthcare and legal settings.

    Class Number: 

    SPAN 341

    Pre requisite(s): 

    SPAN 251 or 253, or departmental consent.

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    Translation and Interpretation