DSP Film Festival

We are pleased to announce our Award Ceremony!

This year's award ceremony will be hosted on Friday, April 7th from 5 to 6:15 at Pacheco ILC, Room 150.

Come join us and enjoy the Spring Fling after the event!

*Expect traffic

Three winners will be selected from the below list of finalists. All of the below films will be screened on the day of the event:

- ¿Qué ves?, by Andrea Tiutan
- Inside Clouds, by Santino Gomez
- McDowell Mountain Music Festival, by Siena Cornachinni
- Amistades, by Diego Pacheco & Guillermo Lopez
- Frida, by Javier Nido & David Rocha
- Turismo contra contaminación, by Charlee Roundhill

*We have only listed the directors and the producers.


Below you can find information about our hosted event, the Todos Somos Otros International Show Film Festival we have brought for you. FREE SHOW.

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese will be assigning ONE WEEK OF AVERAGED EXTRA CREDIT for those students who attend the Todos Somos Otros International Short Film Festival of Social Diversity, which will be exhibited in the following dates (YOU MAY ONLY ATTEND ONCE):

Friday, Feb 24th
Pacheco, ILC - Rm. 130
6:15 - 8pm

Wed, March, 29th
Social Sciences, Rm. 100
5:30- 7:15pm

Please note that: 1) You may only attend once for one week of extra credit. Going twice will not give you two weeks of extra credit. 2) You BE ON TIME and you must ask us for a signed extra credit form. 3) In some cases, the instructor will decide if they will grant the extra credit and how, please ask your instructor for the details. 4) Most Spanish BLP instructors will ask you to write a brief reaction to one of the films. For the Portuguese and the Spanish Heritage Language programs, it is best to ask your instructors.  5) No food, drinks or unsilenced cellphones. We reserve the right to ask you to leave the room if we notice any disturbing behavior. 6) The show is open and completely free.

If you are interested in this international film festival and would like to know more about it, you can consult their webpage: http://todos-somos-otros.org/



What is the DSP Film Festival?

The DSP Film Festival is a short-film video festival organized by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.

The DSP Film Festival awards student films. It is exclusively for undergraduate students.

This year it will be hosted at one of the auditoriums in the Manuel Pacheco Integrated Learning Center building on April 7th.


For a specific guide on how to format and other requirements follow this call for submissions link.

In order to allow new filmmaking formats to enter we are allowing short films from 1 minute to no longer than 10 minutes, including titles and credits.

•    The topic is open.

•    The festival committee will not evaluate your language skills and they will not affect the outcome of the winners.

•    Films will participate in one of two categories: fiction or non-fiction.

•    Projects submitted under the non-fiction category will be automatically considered for a special award.

•    The special award is an international award given by the “Todos Somos Otros” film festival, (2017 edition) to their sole discretion.

•    Films must be in Spanish and/or Portuguese and contain English subtitles. No other languages are allowed in the contest.

•    U.S. Spanish, Portuguese-Spanish code-switching and Spanish-English code-switching varieties are welcome and will not be frowned upon.

•    Interviewees (in case you make use of them) can respond questions in English. No more than half of the interviewees are allowed to use English.

•    Please be aware of the proper licensing and permissions required for your project, if any.

•    All films are bound by the terms and conditions of the Spanish and Portuguese Department.

See the full Call For Submissions and Regulations file for more info including how to submit your video.

How do I submit my video?

All films shall be submitted by the deadline specified in this document (March 7th) using any of the current video formats allowed by YouTube.com and must be turned in via:

1)    USB thumb drive (please make sure to scan for malware before submitting) directly at the DSP main office located in Modern Languages 545, mailbox number 364 (for Damian Romero).
2)    Or online using Google Drive and sharing your video with dspfilmfest@gmail.com.

*The Department reserves the right to extend the deadline at its sole discretion.

*Only entries with a completed and submitted hard copy of the permissions page will be considered. Please refer to the last two pages of our call for submissions.


The DSP Film Festival is back!

Thanks to the support of the Spanish Department, Dr. Katia Bezerra and the DSP Film Fest Graduate Student Committee, this beautiful event started by our colleagues Nate Mehr and Guillermo Martínez-Sotelo will come back in Spring 2017! Please help us make it a great event by participating with your own films. The call for submissions is now open. The deadline is March 7th, 2017.


Who can participate?

This year we have decided to expand our entries and the festival will be open to all DSP students from levels 101 to 482. 

The minimum number of people for a film crew is 1; at least one member should be enrolled in a Spanish or Portuguese class with the Department and must play a significant role (i.e. writer, director, lead actor/actress, etc.) in the production of the film.


Do you want to see what has been done?

Watch the first place film from Spring 2014 and more on our YouTube Channel!
La vieja


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