Online Language Courses

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese offers fully online courses for students enrolled on the Main and distance campuses (but distinguished from the AZ Online campus). These courses do not require that the student comes to campus for any portion of the class.  Students who enroll in online courses will be expected to demonstrate the following skills/abilities:

  • Good time management
  • Self-motivation
  • Basic computing experience: email, uploading/downloading documents, powerpoint, virtual chat and video recording
  • Collaboration with a virtual partner

Online Course Offerings

  • SPAN 101  First Semester Spanish
  • SPAN 102  Second Semester Spanish
  • SPAN 201  Third Semester Spanish
  • SPAN 202 – Fourth Semester Spanish
  • SPAN 251  Intermediate Spanish (composition-based)
  • SPAN 325  Intermediate Spanish Grammar & Writing
  • SPAN 330 Intermediate Conversation
  • SPAN 350 Introduction to Literary Genres

Online Course Coordinator

Dr. King de Ramirez

If you have questions about online enrollment/overrides, contact the Spanish & Portuguese main office: 520-621-3123