Spanish Minor

The Spanish Minor consists of 6 courses starting with SPAN 201 (or 203 for the Heritage Program) and a minimum of 18-20 total units for completion. Must include at least 3 courses of upper division.

SPAN 201

Second Year Spanish – Third Semester Spanish
Units: 4
Usually Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer 1 and 2

SPAN 202

Second Year Spanish – Fourth Semester Spanish
Units: 4
Usually Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer 1 and 2

This is a continuation of Spanish 101, 102, and 201 or by placement exam.

SPAN 251

Intermediate Spanish
Units: 3
Usually Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer 1 and 2

This course is the equivalent of 201 and 202. Recommended for highly motivated students and/or those with experience in another Romance language.

SPAN 325

Intermediate Grammar and Writing
Essential points of grammar, with emphasis on syntax and development of writing skills.

SPAN 330

Intermediate Conversation

and either of the following courses:

SPAN 350

Readings in the Literary Genres

SPAN 352

Reading Politics and Culture in the Hispanic World
Introduction to major theories, readings and analyses of culture in Latin America, the Iberian Peninsula, and Latinos in the U.S.


Test Credits

In order to receive CLEP credits, the test needs to be taken no later than the end of the 7th week of the first college Spanish class. For more information about CLEP and other test scores, consult the UA catalog.

 Spanish B.A.

AP score 3 or higher

IB score 5 or higher

CLEP score 68 or higher

Spanish non-B.A.

AP score 3 or higher

IB score 4 or higher

CLEP score 55 or higher

Important Details

  • SPAN 325 and 330 or SPAN 323 and 333 can be taken concurrently.
  • The required courses are also offered in the Heritage Track: SPAN 253, 323 and 333.
  • Placement or Proficiency tests do not grant units towards the Spanish Minor.
  • Translation and Interpretation courses cannot be used towards the Spanish Minor.
  • Intensive courses, such as SPAN 203 and 206, count as 1 (one) course towards the Spanish Minor.
  • General Education courses cannot be double-dipped with Spanish or Portuguese Minor requirements, except for the 2nd year language requirement.