Undergraduate Program

The Portuguese Minor consists of no less than 18 units, starting at 200 with at least 9 units of upper division courses.

The Spanish Major with Portuguese Concentration completes course work in language, literature, linguistics and culture in both languages.  Students begin at whatever level is deemed appropriate based on a placement exam.  The major consists of 36 credits, 18 in Portuguese and 18 in Spanish.  The required courses are PORT 350, SPAN 350, and two 400 level courses in each language.
To count towards the Major or Minor, courses must be taught in Portuguese.

Credit by Examination Students who come to the Univesity of Arizona with prior knowledge of Portuguese may obtain 8 units of credit equivalent to Portuguese 101 and 102 by passing an exam issued by the department of Spanish & Portuguese.
Placement exams and interviews are conducted by the Director of the Portuguese Language Program, Ana Maria Carvalho Ph.D. Office: Modern Languages 544 Tuesdays 9-12 or at anac@email.arizona.edu if you need an appointment.
Awards and Scholarships
The Department of Spanish and Portuguese offers several awards for undergraduate students. The Department currently offers a number of competitive research stipends to allow undergraduate students to pursue research projects under the direction of a faculty member.