Internships, Volunteering and Professional Development Opportunities

#SpanIntern Spotlight

Jonathan Perez Leyva (Spanish and Public Health) did his internship at the Women's Clinic at Banner University Medical Center.


Internships give students the opportunity to gain valuable applied experience and to focus on and solidify their professional goals and career paths and they give sponsoring organizations the opportunity to guide and evaluate talent.

Benefits for you

For their internships, students have career-oriented learning outcomes designed in cooperation with their faculty advisor and site supervisor. In addition to specialized projects, students experience:

  • a real-life work environment,
  • exposure to executive leadership,
  • extensive orientation and midterm meetings,
  • participation in community events,
  • final project presentations,
  • midterm and final performance reviews, and
  • intern networking events.

Students are provided with a list of possible sites for their internships but could suggest sites of interest to them. During the mentoring process, student interns learn to use their experiences in their personal narratives for different graduate programs and fellowship and job applications, making them stronger candidates.

how to intern with us

Watch this video (2:45 min), and then make an appointment with Dr. Cornide here.  

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Each fall, The Critical Service Learning and Community Outreach program connects students in our department with four or more different volunteer opportunities, such as Thriving in the Sand, Tucson Meet Yourself, Days of Caring, and Humane Borders Trash Cleanup, among others. Our community partners sponsoring these events contacted us for help. Our students committed a total of:

  • 230 hours during the fall 2015, 
  • 300 hours during the fall 2016, 
  • 280 hours during the fall 2017, 
  • 330 hours during the fall 2018, and 
  • 270 during the fall 2019,

toward volunteer efforts in Tucson. Most importantly, our participation has been acknowledged and appreciated by organizations and service provider directors in Tucson.

Workshops for Teachers of Spanish

The Critical Service Learning & Community Outreach program also includes workshops for high school teachers of Spanish. With input from the teachers about workshop topics, the program has developed a certificate that the teachers could use for professional development credit, while offering information that teachers can readily apply in their classrooms. Upon Dr. Cornide arrival to the department, the annual event Workshop for Teachers of Spanish had meager attendance. As the creator and director of the new outreach program, Prof. Compitello, former head of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, assigned her this program. 

Workshop for Teachers of Spanish / Taller de Maestres #TDM Timeline

The first workshop was a very successful experience with 25 attendees. The program was successful for three major reasons: 

  1. Teachers were contacted to get input about workshop topics; 
  2. We developed a certificate that the teachers could use for professional development credit; 
  3. The presenters provided information teachers readily apply in their classrooms. 

After this workshop, Dr. Cornide was invited to various high schools to present information specifically about the University of Arizona and specifically about our programs. 

The 2015 workshop focused on “How to Introduce Critical Culture in the Language Classroom” was again a success counting with 17 attendees. 

The 2016 workshop addressed “Pedagogical strategies for supporting student self-assessment and communicative language teaching in the Spanish classroom”. The topic was based on the collected feedback from the prior year. The workshop was another success and reached 24 attendees. 

In the 2017 workshop, we had 27 attendees. Teachers presented on successful programs and strategies implemented in their classrooms, departments, and schools. One of our Spanish majors, a new teacher at Sahuarita High School, was one of the participants. Dr. Cornide planned the workshop with the support of Ms. Zelika Araiza, an award-winning educator and a community leader from the Sunnyside District. Sunnyside High School hosted the event and the Superintendent for Education was our keynote speaker. 

In the most recent version, Sunnyside High School also hosted the event in fall 2019 and 55 participants attended. With the assistance and collaborative work of Ms. Alejandrina Gallardo, an award-winning teacher from the school, and Brenda Lara and Jhonatan Henao-Muñoz, assistants to the Community Outreach program, we planned an informative workshop on the topic of “The use of technology to improve the learning of Spanish in the classroom”. These partnerships with high school teachers facilitate new collaborative programs to emerge and flourish.