Why Translation & Interpretation

We live in a global society that is diverse, mobile, and versatile. Contemporary American society is more multicultural and multilingual than ever before. A visit to a hospital waiting room or a courthouse confirms how many different languages are spoken and how many cultures are interacting.

Oftentimes, language and cultural barriers prevent meaningful access to fundamental services, both to providers who do not speak their client’s language, or for people with limited English proficiency (LEP). Without skilled interpreters and accurate translations, providers and receivers cannot communicate effectively-whether about a disease or a legal issue. Due to increasing demand from the private and public sectors for professional, accurate, ethical cross-cultural communicators, the occupational outlook over the next decade for T&I is excellent, much better than average for all occupations.

Our mission at the T&I program is to make you a highly skilled translator and interpreter so you can bridge this gap, meet this need, and provide fluid communication between different cultural and linguistic groups so that everybody has a voice. If you are bilingual or highly proficient in English and Spanish and are interested in developing your linguistic skills as an interpreter and translator, we welcome you to the University of Arizona Translation and Interpretation program. You will have the opportunity to develop your oral and writing skills as a cross-cultural communicator in Tucson, the cultural capital of Southern Arizona, a multilingual and multicultural community in which different cultures and languages have been interacting for hundreds of years. Our interdisciplinary program offers you the possibility of pursuing a T&I concentration through the College of Humanities or the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, with access to courses in linguistics, anthropology, sociology, literature, Chicano studies, and many other areas. Our emphasis on cognitive approaches and practical opportunities (we have multiple internships and practicums with institutional providers of cross cultural services, such as courts, hospitals, legal aid offices, bilingual press, etc.) will allow you to simultaneously develop your academic skills and gain practical experience in a real life environment. If you are ready for a rigorous, hands-on, socially minded, and rewarding academic degree we challenge you to join our program and become part of the next generation of cross-cultural communicators.

Do you think that one person can change the world? So do we. 

If you are ready to meet this challenge, please contact the Spanish and Portuguese Department.