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The Translation and Interpretation Program, (T&I) jointly offered by the Spanish and Portuguese Department and the Mexican American and Raza Studies Department, is one of the very few programs in the nation that offers a Bachelor Degree in Translation and Interpretation. It is the only one that approaches translation and interpretation comprehensively, focusing on the health care and legal fields.
Our students mainly come from the sponsoring departments, but we also receive students from other programs in the fields of Latin American Studies, Law, Life Sciences (Physiology, Pre-Nursing, Pre-Medical), Business, Anthropology, and Sociology, among many others.

The T&I program offers courses in social justice, applied linguistics, translation and interpretation theory and practice. It incorporates the theoretical knowledge and technical skills necessary to provide cross-cultural communication services as an interpreter and translator.
Students enrolled in the T&I program may choose to major in Spanish or Mexican-American studies with a concentration in T&I, or minor in T&I through Mexican-American Studies.
The Spanish or Mexican-American Studies Major with T&I Concentration consists of 42 credits, 21 in Spanish and 21 in T&I. Required courses are listed below.
The T&I Minor consists of no less than 18 units from the T&I course offerings. Required courses are listed below.
Practicums, Internships, and Directed Study Options
Besides, the T&I program offers numerous practicums, internships, and directed study options with established legal and health care providers and institutions so students can gain hands-on, practical experience while working with providers and serving the community (see Practicums and Internships).
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Director of Translation and Interpretation
Jaime Fatás-Cabeza, MMA, FCCI
Modern Languages 526