SPAN 596N - Hemispheric Indigenous Consciousness

This interdisciplinary seminar follows hemispheric Indigenous reclamation and re-Indianization movements. Course content will examine different processes and paradigms that impact the ways that Indigeneity is asserted across the hemisphere and the implications for understanding Indigenous consciousness within the United States, particularly as it is expressed in Chicana/o Indigeneity. We will examine various socio-cultural movements of self determination, including activism related to the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. In particular, we will examine the Indigenous presence within Chicana/o and Mexican communities and within academic discourses. The course focuses, in part, upon the Chicano Movement and subsequent re-tribalization movements embedded in relations of gender, class, race, bio-region, culture, economics, and sexuality. We will also explore varied print, cultural, and performative expressions of Indigenous consciousness, resilience and decolonization.

Also Offered As
AIS 596N, LAS 596N, MAS 596N
Grade Basis
Regular Grades