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The Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics working group (HLLWG) is a community of graduate students in charge of organizing the colloquium since Fall 2019.  For more information, please send an email to coh-hllwg@email.arizona.edu or visit the website

Fall 2023 

  • October 6 
    • Discourse/Pragmatic Variation in the Pragmatic System of Southern Arizona Spanish (Brandon J. C. Martínez - University of Arizona)
    • Spanish grammatical gender assignment of Basque nouns (Alicia Brown - University of Arizona)
  • November 3
    • From 'Cuck' to 'Prostitute': Crosslinguistic Variation of Dekasegi in Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese Online Discourse (Miguel Germán Román - Indiana University, Bloomington)
    • Identity as a sociolinguistic factor in minorized contexts (Eukene Franco-Landa - University of Miami)
  • December 1
    • Processing accented speech in the L1: Does L2-accented phonetic detail impede lexical access? (Hadley Forst - University of Arizona)
    • Reduplicación total de constituyentes en la gramática del español (Alma González Camacho - Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)

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