Hispanics Linguistics PhD Corpora

Corpus of Spanish in Southern Arizona (CESA) 

CESA is a corpus of sociolinguistic interviews carried out by our undergraduate and graduate students in Hispanic Linguistics.

Currently, a NEH grant, titled “Bilingual Voices in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands: Preserving, Expanding & Elaborating Sociolinguistic Collections”, funds graduate research assistants who, under the supervision of Ana Carvalho, work on multiple activities involving sociolinguistic data management. This project offers valuable hands-on research experiences that allow students to participate in the deeply meaningful practice of documenting, analyzing, and preserving sociolinguistic corpora.

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Graduate Program Coordinator

Isela Gonzales-Cook

Director of the Graduate Program

Faith S Harden

Graduate Student Advisor in Hispanic Linguistics

Miquel Simonet