Professional Development for Spanish Teachers

Workshops for Teachers of Spanish/Taller de Maestres* #TDM

The Department of Spanish & Portuguese, under the leadership of Dr. Ana Cornide, offers an annual workshop for high school teachers of Spanish. This workshop provides participants with the opportunity to learn from one another and from professors whose research relates to language acquisition and modern language pedagogy.

Teachers who attended past workshops highlighted some of the benefits of attending the workshop in their evaluations, including:

  • The peer-to-peer interactions and discussions
  • A network of support and valuable pedagogical resources
  • Free of cost
  • Certificate of workshop completion from the University of Arizona for their respective school district's professional development requirements.

Topics explored in #TDM

  • 2015: How to Introduce Critical Culture in the Language Classroom
  • 2016: Pedagogical Strategies for Supporting Student Self-assessment and Communicative Language Teaching in the Spanish Classroom
  • 2017: Successful Programs and Strategies Implemented in their Classrooms, Departments, and Schools (Co-sponsored with Sunnyside)
  • 2019: The Use of Technology to Improve the Learning of Spanish in the Classroom (Co-sponsored with Sunnyside)
  • 2020: Humanizing Online Teaching and Learning (Co-sponsored with Sunnyside)
  • 2021: Incorporating Culture in the Spanish Classroom (Co-Sponsored  with Sunnyside and UArizona Latin American Studies Center)

* We want to clarify that the CSLCO program embraces inclusivity in our words and actions. We chose the neutral gender -e "maestre" here to be as welcoming as possible to the members of our community.