Spanish and Portuguese

The Spanish Major with Portuguese Emphasis completes course work in language, literature, linguistics and culture in both languages. Students begin at whatever level is deemed appropriate based on a placement exam. The major consists of 36 credits, 18 in Portuguese and 18 in Spanish.

Degree Emphasis Course Requirements

  • ASpanish Core
    All Spanish majors must complete the 5 courses in the Spanish Core component.

  • BSpanish & Portuguese Emphasis

    • Portuguese Core
      One course (3 units)

      • PORT 350 Introduction to Genres and Literary Analysis
    • Portuguese Emphasis
      Choose 3 courses (9 units)

      • Any PORT 400 level courses
    • Spanish Elective
      Choose 3 courses (9 units)

      • Any SPAN 300/400 level course not already taken
      • SPAN 493 Internship (needs to be at least 3 units)

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The Portuguese Minor consists of no less than 18 units, starting at 300-level courses with at least 9 units of 400-level courses.

To count towards the Major or Minor, courses must be taught in Portuguese. 



"Made it very easy to go from Spanish speaker to a Portuguese speaker. Class progression follows a flow that is challenging without being overwhelming. We are provided with a lot of resources (grammar, vocabulary, cultural examples) that help the transition."  (Spring 2017, Spanish major with a Portuguese concentration).

"My progress [in Portuguese] has been very significant. Right now I can attend any film in Portuguese and I am sure that I can understand almost everything." (Summer 2017, Spanish major with a Portuguese concentration).

"Went from zero knowledge of the language to advanced proficiency in two years (with Spanish as my native language). Overall, I would consider my experience successful." (Spring 2018, Spanish major with a Portuguese concentration).

"I believe I have mastered the language, being able to establish conversation in Portuguese as well, and I am able to understand most parts of a conversation between native speakers."(Spring 2018, Spanish major with a Portuguese concentration).

"The initial introduction to Portuguese for Spanish speakers (305 and 325 your first two semesters) is a good introduction that "brings you up to speed" on the language. After the first two semesters, the courses progress logically and build upon each other quickly. The foundation and pace of the courses is appropriate for college-level language courses." (Spring 2018, Spanish major with a Portuguese concentration)


Students who come to the Univesity of Arizona with prior knowledge of Portuguese may obtain 8 units of credit equivalent to Portuguese 101 and 102 by passing an exam issued by the department of Spanish & Portuguese. 

Check the Portuguese Student Produced Blog:


  • Spoken by 210 million people, Portuguese is the 6th most spoken native language in the world
  • Portuguese is the official language of eight countries: Brazil, Portugal, Angola,  Mozambique,  East Timor, San Tomé and Principe, Cape Verde, and Guine Bissau
  • It functions as one of the communication languages of twelve international organizations (United Nations, Organization of American States, and Latin-American Free Trade Association, for example), as mandatory language in countries part of Mercosul and as one of the official languages of the South-African Development Community.
  • Portuguese is considered a preferred language by the National Security Education Program (NSEP) and is currently taught at US Army and US Air Force military academies.
  • Within the U.S., there is a growing demand for programs for the community of Portuguese heritage speakers, as approximately 85,000 school-age children speak Portuguese at home (2000 US Census)
  • In post-secondary education, the 2006 MLA report pointed out that the offering of Portuguese increased 22.4% between 2002 and 2006 (20). It now ranks 13th on the list of the most taught languages, and is currently offered in 226 post-secondary institutions. 
  • After English, Portuguese is the most common language in the world used on websites and online blogging


For more information, please contact Professor Ana M. Carvalho (, the Director of the Portuguese Language Program. To declare your minor in Portuguese, please visit ML 550.

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Activities Portuguese for Spanish Speakers

Portuguese Tutor on the UA Campus
Henrique Galvao (, Phone: 520-312-4669)
Henrique is a freshman from Brazil. He is patient and loves to teach.

Other online resources
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Portuguese Pronunciation:
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Teletandem Brasil matches up Brazilian university students who wish to learn a foreign language, with students in other countries who are learning Portuguese. This is done through Windows Live Messenger or Skype. The University of Arizona is enrolled in this program, which is available for all students.


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