Spanish and Portuguese

The Spanish Major with Portuguese Emphasis completes course work in language, literature, linguistics and culture in both languages. Students begin at whatever level is deemed appropriate based on a placement exam. The major consists of 36 credits, 18 in Portuguese and 18 in Spanish.

Degree Emphasis Course Requirements

Part A
Spanish Core

All Spanish majors must complete the 5 courses in the Spanish Core component.

Part B
Spanish & Portuguese Emphasis

One course (3 units)

  • PORT 350 Introduction to Genres and Literary Analysis

Choose 3 courses (9 units)

  • Any PORT 400 level courses

Choose 3 courses (9 units)

  • Any SPAN 300/400 level course not already taken
  • SPAN 493 Internship (needs to be at least 3 units)


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Portuguese Minor

The Portuguese Minor consists of no less than 18 units, starting at 300-level courses with at least 9 units of 400-level courses.

To count towards the Major or Minor, courses must be taught in Portuguese.