Doctorate (PhD) in Spanish - Hispanic Linguistics

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The Department of Spanish and Portuguese offers a comprehensive graduate program in Hispanic Linguistics.

Courses explore such topics as what Spanish language structures are possible and why; how sounds are learned, processed, produced, and perceived; and the use of language as social behavior, including speaker intention, the role of the interlocutor, and the impact of society on language. Coursework includes topics in Spanish bilingualism, heritage- and second-language acquisition and teaching, morphology, phonetics, phonology, pragmatics, sociolinguistics, syntax, and translation studies. Our faculty is committed to working closely with you to prepare you for careers in Spanish teaching and research, and beyond. 

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Linguistics in Tucson

The University of Arizona has the highest concentration of linguists per student of any Research-1 University in the United States. Linguists are part of an increasing number of Departments and Programs including Linguistics, Cognitive Science, Spanish and Portuguese, English, French and Italian, Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT), Anthropology, to name a few-- and they form a tightly related resource for theoretical, applied and multidisciplinary studies. The University of Arizona is situated in the midst of Native American Territory and very close to the border with Mexico. Tucson hosts an extensive community of native speakers of Spanish making it a vibrant and endless source of linguistic reflection and research.

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese offers the Ph.D. with a major in Spanish - Hispanic Linguistics.

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