Community Partnerships

Amplifying our work in civic engagement at the department builds off our plan to become a potential institutional base for helping community-based development in general. We are looking to have our students integrate theory and practice, develop leadership skills, connect more effectively with the Tucson region, and build specific knowledge, skills, and abilities for life after their graduation. To this aim, we have established relationships with 60+ organizations in the field of education, law, public health, international relationships, journalism, counseling, amount others. 

As part of the 2021 UArizona HSI Initiatives Centering Servingness Series, Dr. Cornide organized a conversation with leaders from 4 community organizations to discuss the role of critical service-learning opportunities in transformative engagement for students and communities. Watch the video here.

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#SpanIntern Spotlight

Rina Ybarra (B.A. 2018, Spanish) planned and executed a stellar community service project at the Tucson Jewish Community Center. Building on her elder rehab experience and contacts, she put together a beautiful art workshop for six memory challenged senior adults and eight of their family members and caregivers.