Spanish Internship

Jonathan speaking with an employee at his place of internship.

Jonathan Perez Leyva (Spanish and Public Health) did his internship at the Women's Clinic at Banner University Medical Center.

#SpanIntern Spotlight

Internships give students the opportunity to gain valuable applied experience and to focus on and solidify their professional goals and career paths and they give sponsoring organizations the opportunity to guide and evaluate talent.

Benefits for you

For their internships, students have career-oriented learning outcomes designed in cooperation with their faculty advisor and site supervisor. In addition to specialized projects, students experience:

  • a real-life work environment
  • exposure to executive leadership
  • extensive orientation and mid-terms meetings
  • participation in community events
  • final project presentation
  • mid-terms and final performance reviews
  • intern networking events

Students can review and choose from a list of possible sites for their internships but could suggest sites of interest to them. 

My internship this semester has given me the opportunity to immerse myself in the two subjects I am studying at U of A: Spanish and law. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity because it has shown me the ropes of the illegal immigration judicial process while allowing me to see Spanish being spoken in the real world. It has made me discover a new found interest that I am excited to continue to explore in the future.

Reilly Cunnington, Politics, Econ & Law and Spanish

I learned a lot from my internship by going above and beyond with the amount and quality of the work assigned. Concepts that I was learning in the classroom were brought out in the internship which was really rewarding because I was able to see how they are used in real life. Best decision this semester was taking part in this internship because it opened a lot of opportunities for me as a student and future public health professional.

Veronica Lugo, Public Health and Spanish double major

Steps to get an internship

Watch this video (2:45 min), and then make an appointment with Dr. Cornide at Follow the checklist below step by step, check your email often and contact Dr. Cornide with any questions. 

Step 1: Interview with the CSLO team
Book an appointment with the CSLO team to discuss the internship process.

Step 2: Site research
Research the sites that were sent to you via email. Choose a site and email the CSLO assistants to inform them of your choice.

Step 3: Contact site coordinator
Using the email draft, contact the site coordinator to plan a meeting for an interview.

Step 4: Interview at the site
Discuss internship's days, hours, etc. with the site coordinator. Inform the CSLO team via email.

Step 5: Confirmation email and documentation
Follow the instructions and fill out the paperwork that the CSLO team sent you via email. Make sure to get all the required signatures.

Step 6: Meet with Professor Berigan
Meet with Professor Berigan so she can sign you up for SPAN 493 (internship class)

CONGRATULATIONS! Your service learning and professional experience starts here!

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