Online B.A. in Spanish

The Online B.A. in Spanish

Study one of the most spoken languages in the world that is the official language of over 21 countries and acquire proficiency in Portuguese. Develop the skills to pursue a variety of careers, in fields including teaching, communications, public relations, international relations, foreign service and tourism.

This degree introduces four key areas: Hispanic literature and culture, Hispanic linguistics, translation and interpretation, and Portuguese. Explore a wide range of topics, including Peninsular and Latin American literature and culture, Spanish phonetics, phonology, sociolinguistics and professional and cognitive aspects of translation and interpretation.

Student Eligibility

Online courses are available for both degree-seeking and non-degree seeking students.  Current students can enroll through UAccess.  Non-degree seeking and students from other universities will need to contact Arizona Online.  

Online Course Format

The Spanish and Portuguese Department offers students the opportunity to complete a Spanish Major or Minor 100% online with 15 week and 7.5 week (accelerated courses) options. The course content is divided into modules that will be released every Monday morning. Students who are enrolled in accelerated courses will have to turn in assignments on Wednesdays and Sundays. Students who are in 15-week classes will have to turn in assignments on Sundays at 11:59pm (AZ time).

The online courses are asynchronous, meaning that there are not scheduled meeting times. However, the 100 and 200-level courses (and some of the 300 level courses) will require students to work within their personal schedule to set up 1-1 meeting times for the following activities:

  • Weekly partner dialogues in which they will practice speaking in Spanish.  
  • Midterm and final oral exams

Arizona Online gives you the freedom to earn your degree, your way. Learn from the same professors, enjoy the same resources, and earn the same degree, all from the comfort of home.

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Online B.A. in Spanish


Degree Requirements for a B.A. in Spanish

There are 7 required courses:

  • PORT 305A Portuguese for Spanish Speakers
  • PORT 325A Intermediate Grammar and Conversation
  • SPAN 325 Intermediate Grammar and Writing
  • SPAN 330 Intermediate Conversation
  • SPAN 341 Translation and Interpretation: Social Justice and Practice
  • SPAN 350 Introduction to Hispanic literature.
  • SPAN 360 Spanish Structure

Choose 5 elective courses from the following list:

  • SPAN 371 Spanish for Business and Economics
  • SPAN 425 Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition/li>
  • SPAN 441 Children's Literature in Spanish
  • SPAN 449D Topics in Border Studies
  • SPAN 473 Spanish for the Classroom Teacher of Spanish


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Online Program Director

Dr. Dulce Estevez

Online Program Assistant to the Director 

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