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Estévez, Dulce María
Spanish Online Program Director, Associate Professor of Practice

Dr. Dulce Estévez's areas of specialization are Latin American culture and transcultural communication. She holds a Ph.D. in Spanish with a sub-specialization in Latin American theater. Her dissertation was an interdisciplinary study of the Mexican Revolution that focused on the dehumanizing effects of war. She received her master's degree in Spanish. Since completing her graduate certificate in translation in 2000, she has been a freelance court interpreter and translator. She also holds a graduate certificate in Institutional Research and Policy Analysis. Her bachelor's degree is in Justice Studies. 

She has coordinated and developed courses for online education since 2012 and has directed study abroad programs in Guatemala, Cuba, and Spain. Her recent research and teaching centers on Medical Humanities and the intersection of science, justice, and culture in Latino communities in the Americas. In her free time, she serves on the board of the non-profit organization Vida and as a volunteer for The Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights.

Currently Teaching

SPAN 382 – Legal/Business Translation

This course covers English/Spanish legal/business translation. It focuses on (1) building conceptual knowledge in the legal and business contexts and (2) language and translation competence in these settings. It introduces students to professional, nationally-accepted standards of translation practice and performance and uses authentic materials and contextually-meaningful situations.