Nantell Publishes New Book on Spanish Poetry

Tuesday, December 17, 2019 - 7:30am

Judith Nantell, Professor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, has published a new book with the Bucknell University Press. 

The Poetics of Epiphany in The Spanish Lyric of Today was published Nov. 15. 

The publisher's description: "Drawing on the poetry of four major voices in the Spanish lyric of today, Judith Nantell explores the epistemic works of Luis Muñoz, Abraham Gragera, Josep M. Rodríguez, and Ada Salas, arguing that, for them, the poem is the fundamental means of exploring the nature of both knowledge and poetry. In this first interpretive analysis of the epistemic nature of their poetry, Nantell innovatively engages these poets, each of whom has contributed one of their own poems along with a previously unpublished explication of their chosen poem. Each also provides an original biographical sketch to support Nantell's development of a poetics of epiphany." 

In a review, Diana Cullell, editor of Spanish Contemporary Poetry: An Anthology, says "Judith Nantell's The Poetics of Epiphany in the Spanish Lyric of Today is a fantastic addition to scholarship on Spanish contemporary poetry. This is an incredibly original and multifaceted work, and the combination of scholarly analyses with contributions from the authors themselves and their poetry makes this a highly original and perceptive piece of work."

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