Prof. Cornide and Team Lead Department's Inaugural Spanish-Language Campus Tour

Prof. Ana Cornide and team spearheaded inaugural Spanish-language tour aimed to reach first-generation Spanish-Speaking high school students

April 12, 2023
2023 High School Campus Visit

On March 31st, 60 students and their teachers from Pueblo and Nogales HS took part in the department's inaugural Spanish-language tour. The program was an outreach effort aimed at first-generation Spanish-speaking students, with the goal of providing them with exposure to the resources available to them, as well as giving them a chance to experience a day on campus.

The program started with a warm welcome from our faculty and university staff who were excited to share their experiences with the visiting students, followed by a guided tour of the campus facilities. The participating students and teachers expressed their gratitude for the opportunity and were impressed by the welcoming environment and diverse community they encountered at the university. We hope that this outreach effort will continue to grow and inspire more students to pursue higher education. 

Congratulations to Dr. Ana Cornide and her incredible assistant Brenda Lara for a successful event committed to serving hispanic students in Arizona! Special shout-out to the College of Humanities for making this event possible. Gracias to our COH ambassadors, DSP current and former students, Karina Rodriguez, Dr. Ana Carvalho, Dr. Eliud Chuffe, Dr. Melissa Fitch, Dr. Javier Fuentes, Jacob Shirley, Bob McCune, Jessica Martínez, Dominique Calza, Crystal Raygoza in the UA Thrive Center , the Office of Admissions, Adalberto & Ana Guerrero Student Center, Xvania Esquivel, Cristina Bates and the fabulous DSP staff, for serving as guides and mentors, and for making them feel at home at UArizona.

“Apreciamos la hospitalidad y la distinción hacia nuestras escuelas y estudiantes. Magnífica información y orientación acerca de sus programas, becas y oportunidades a estudiantes de nuevo ingreso a la U. of A. Reitero nuestro agradecimiento y su siempre amable disponibilidad para hacer de esta visita un éxito. Suscritos a sus apreciables órdenes. ¡Un abrazo!”

- Prof. Víctor Gómez, AP Teacher, Nogales HS

“Gracias a TODOS por la forma tan bella y especial de recibirnos, de motivar a nuestros estudiantes… ya hasta a nosotros nos dan ganas de regresar a la escuela! En verdad, gracias por haber chipiloneado tanto a nuestros jóvenes. Ellos vienen muy contentos. Seguimos en contacto y dispuestos a trabajar con todos ustedes más de cerca!”

- Prof. Magda Molina, AP Teacher, Nogales HS