Professor Ana Carvalho Receives Department of Spanish and Portuguese Grant

Tuesday, April 27, 2021 - 2:45pm

Congratulations to Professor Ana Carvalho for receiving a Department of Spanish and Portuguese grant for her research! Ana Carvalho is a Professor of linguistics within our Department. She is a sociolinguist especially interested in language variation and change in contexts of languages in contact. This grant funds her project titled ENHANCING ACCESSIBILITY THROUGH REFINING CORPUS READABILITY, which promotes the continuing growth and refinement of CESA -Corpus del Español del Sur de Arizona ( CESA, a student-led sociolinguistic corpus, promotes community-engaged scholarship by documenting variation in the structure of contemporary Arizona Spanish. This digital archive of oral narratives currently hosts 80 interviews with local bilinguals and has provided data for innumerous sociolinguistic analyses, conference papers, and articles. Ana Carvalho is thankful for this grant that has allowed her to continue to enhance the corpus, and for her undergraduate and graduate students who have helped her build and maintain it. She is incredibly grateful for all the speakers who have provided CESA with their voices and stories, and hopes that the corpus-based analyses will continue to help us better understand the sociolinguistic configurations of our community. Thank you for your work, Professor Carvalho!