Marina Cárcamo-García

Assistant Professor
Seattle University

My Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics with a minor in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching from the University of Arizona has served as a robust foundation for my professional career as an assistant professor, researcher, and program builder, specializing in sociolinguistics, translation studies, Romance linguistics, and Spanish for specific purposes. Through my doctoral studies in the Humanities, I acquired the requisite expertise, rigor, critical thinking prowess, and communication skills to undertake research endeavors, craft higher education courses across various disciplines, instruct university students not just in course content but also in critical thinking, and fulfill administrative duties within academic communities.

My focus on sociolinguistics allows me to probe into the social and cultural dimensions of language use, offering students deeper insights into language variation, identity, language policies and ideologies, and communication dynamics within Spanish-speaking and bilingual communities. Furthermore, my sub-specialization in Translation Studies (and Spanish for Specific Purposes) equips me to address diverse linguistic needs, promote cross-cultural understanding in both academic and practical contexts, advocate for language access in society, and cater to the specific requirements of various professional environments.

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