Miguel Rodríguez Mondoñedo

Professor Linguistics
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
Spanish Linguistics

Miguel Rodríguez-Mondoñedo is a linguist. He got his MA in Spanish Linguistics at the University of Arizona in 2002, and later his PhD in Theoretical Linguistics at UConn. He has been Assistant Professor at Indiana University (Bloomington) until 2012, and currently he is a Professor of Linguistics at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, where he currently serves as Associate Dean for the College of Humanities (2017-2020). His research interests are focused on Theoretical Grammar, in particular in the structure, distribution, interpretation and acquisition of nominal expressions. His research is focused on the syntax of Spanish Peruvian dialects, as well as on Peruvian Sign Language. He has been an invited editor for Lingua (2012), and has published a variety of articles and book chapters in various countries. Currently, he is the Principal investigator of a research team writing a Grammar and a Dictionary of Peruvian Sign Language (LSP). He has been doing work on LSP, including consultancy for government agencies dealing with education for the Deaf in Peru.