Fiore, Robert L

Professor Emeritus
USAF Veteran Airborne Radar Operator
Department of Spanish & Portuguese
University of Arizona, Tucson AZ 85721-0067


Ph.D. Romance Languages, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
M.A. Spanish, Middlebury College in Spain Universidad de Madrid, Salamanca
B.A. Iona College

University of Arizona, Professor of Spanish
Michigan State University, Professor of Spanish & Italian, Assistant Dean


Knight of The Civil Order of Alfonso X, bestowed by the King Juan Carlos of Spain

"Order of Don Quijote" Sigma Delta Pi, National Spanish Honor Society

University of Arizona
Graduate Advising/Mentoring Award, College of Humanities
Outstanding University Achievements Award, University of Arizona
Recognition Outstanding Professor, Honors College

State of Michigan
Educator of the Year, Michigan World Languages Association

Michigan State University
Alumni Teacher's Award, College of Arts and Letters
Robert Fiore Student Book Scholarship Endowed by College Alumni Association

Lazarillo de Tormes, Twayne, Boston (invited)
Lazarillo de Tormes, edition, Pegasus Press (invited)
Drama and Ethos: Natural Law in Spanish Golden Age Theater, U of Kentucky Press

Published/presented in USA, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Northern Ireland

University of Arizona
Julia Domínguez,"Cartografías imaginarias, La creación de espacios utópicos en Lazarillo de Tormes, El Quijote y La Relación de Cabeza de Vaca"
(Honorable Mention, Best Dissertation, U of Arizona)
Danny Brunette López," Laughing at the Past: Humor in the Spanish Picaresque"

Michigan State University
Chad Gasta, "The Politics of Ideology in the Golden Age Comedias and Opera" (published)
Antonia Petro, "Sacrificio y Violencia Social en la Comedia, Poética del Ritual" (published)
Deborah Dougherty, "The Heroic Denial of Death in Dramas of the Golden Age" (published)
Dianne Wright, "Orality and Textuality in the Spanish Sentimental Romance"
Alison Ridley, "The Use of Silence in Four Spanish Picaresque Novels"
Jorge Ed Sorensen, "Tirso de Molina: las tres comedias del viejo testamento"

Short Biography
I was born in New York City. I came to the University of Arizona from Michigan State University where I was a Professor of Spanish and Italian and Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Letters. I received my B.A. in Spanish from Iona College with minors in Philosophy and Italian, my M.A. in Spanish from Middlebury College (University of Madrid), and my Ph.D. in Romance Languages from UNC, Chapel Hill, with minors in Italian and French. My interests lie in Spanish and Latin American Picaresque novels and Golden Age Theater. sacramental and the Midnight Cowboy. My current research projects are a book on the auto sacramental for Pegasus Press and articles on Hispanic Picaresque fiction. I am the proud mentor of my PhD graduate students who are talented teachers and productive scholars. I acted in 6 plays (short roles), and I sang in the chorus of "La Traviata" and "Tosca." My outside interests are playing salsa with a conjunto, and paddleball with colleagues and graduate students. I wish I could take lessons and play the vibraphone like Milt Jackson.