Modern Language 542
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Fatas, Jaime M
Associate Specialist

Federal Court Certified Interpreter
Certified medical interpreter CCHI
Former staff judicial interpreter and translator for the Trial Court of Massachusetts; Operations Supervisor of Interpreting Services at Harvard's Brigham and Women's Hospital; President elect of the Judicial Interpreters of Massachusetts, and official translator and interpreter for Spanish and Mexican consular offices.

Performed and wrote music professionally for twenty years and taught music, Spanish Language and Culture, and Translation and Interpreting at several colleges and Universities during the last decade. Former staff translator and editor for school and college divisions at leading publishing houses.

Currently Teaching

SPAN 381 – Medical/Business Translation

This course covers English/Spanish medical/business translation. It focuses on (1) building conceptual knowledge in the medical/business contexts and (2) language and translation competence in these settings. It introduces students to professional, nationally-accepted standards of translation practice and performance and uses authentic materials and contextually-meaningful situations.

SPAN 471 – Beginning Simultaneous Interpretation

This course begins the in-depth study of simultaneous interpretation (continued in Advanced Simultaneous Interpretation). Its focus is (1) building conceptual knowledge in legal/medical/business contexts and (2) language and interpreting competence. Students are introduced to professional, nationally accepted standards of practice and performance using authentic materials and contextually meaningful situations.

SPAN 482 – Advanced Consecutive Interpretation

This course continues the in-depth study (begun in "Translation and Interpretation: Social Justice and Practice") of the theory and practice of consecutive interpretation and sight translation. It focuses on a review of complex legal and medical concepts; policy and law relevant to interpreter practice; theory; skill development; and special issues in interpretation in legal, medical, and business settings using authentic materials and contextually meaningful situations. Focus is on intensive skill development.

SPAN 499 – Independent Study

Qualified students working on an individual basis with professors who have agreed to supervise such work.