Translation & Interpretation Student Testimonials

I always knew I wanted to continue to cultivate my Spanish language skills as I want to become a bilingual physician. This is why one of my majors was Spanish Translation and Interpretation. The solid foundation I received in the Translation and Interpretation program, along with the application of those skills in a job in between, was a distinguishing factor in my application for medical school. I've gotten to experience first-hand the community need for skilled interpreters and translators as well as highly proficient bilingual doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals. I am now a second-year medical student and the learning continues!

Estefanía López De Gallegos
MD Candidate, University of Arizona, College of Medicine – Phoenix

My interest in the T&I program at the UofA was driven by a couple of complementary objectives. The first, unsurprisingly, was to hone my Spanish-language competency and obtain mastery over a few different lexical domains, including legal, medical and commercial terminologies. The second factor was a desire to be enrolled in a dynamic and cognitively demanding environment that, particularly in simultaneous interpretation, required both intellectual rigour as well as adaptability and creativity. Experiencing this prepared me for a number of challenging and often impromptu situations, from presenting in Spanish on US foreign policy to Madrid to, more recently, having to present without notice to the senior leadership of an Argentine energy company. By providing students with a solid grounding in various practicable terminologies and encouraging adaptability in complex situations, the T&I program served as a terrific training ground for my current work. 

Eric Wheeler
Associate Director, Washington, DC-based risk management consultancy

As a court translator, I use the skills I learned in the University of Arizona Translation and Interpretation (T&I) Program every day. I have over ten years of experience in the T&I and localization industry as well as a MA in Translation and without a doubt I have been able to access these opportunities because my Spanish degree with a focus on T&I is rare and widely recognized.

The courses are developed by professionals who work in and have a deep understanding of the field. With their help - I was able to refine my linguistic abilities, gauge my individual progress, learn terminology, methodology, and gain resources, all while completing the formal training that I use daily.

As the industry continues to grow and the need for skilled language service providers is more evident than ever, I recognize that the program offered me what I needed to start and compete efficiently in the labor force; a marketable and practical skill & the academic knowledge needed to apply it. From certified medical interpreter to vendor manager to court translator, I have always been able to harness what I learned at the U of A and use it to help give people a voice.

Briseida Soto
English/Spanish Translator, Superior Court Law Library, Maricopa County

I graduated from the University of Arizona in 2008 with a Major in Spanish Translation and Interpretation. Since I graduated, I have enjoyed a very humbling and amazing career thanks to all the knowledge and preparation I gained in the program. My professors’ advice, and that of the director of the program were, and continue to be invaluable.

I currently work as a judicial Spanish interpreter at Pima County Superior Court. I have also provided freelance interpretation and translation services to Maricopa, Pinal, Santa Cruz, and Pima County courts with limited and higher jurisdictions, and I have provided translation and transcription services to the University of Texas, Tucson Unified School District and various private entities. Lastly, I have had the great privilege of working as an instructor for Pima Community College for their Translation and Interpretation program.

The program gave me the skills and knowledge necessary to secure the jobs that would ensure me continued growth as a professional in the field.

Yovannah Diovanti
Staff Court Interpreter, Pima County Superior Court