Spanish Major

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese offers a variety of paths for the undergraduate to explore during their Major / Minor degree track.

Undergraduate paths include:

Undergraduate programs in the Department equip students with the analytical skills necessary to undertake linguistic, cultural and literary investigation. Students perfect their language skills so that they are able to communicate their views effectively in written and spoken Spanish and Portuguese.

Choose Your Own Emphasis

Students may elect a Spanish major within the College of Humanities in which the majority of coursework is in Hispanic Literature, Hispanic Linguisitics, Spanish and Portuguese, or Translation and Interpretation. A minimum of two semesters of Portuguese (PORT 305a and 325a) is required for all Spanish majors. Students who want to become middle or high school Spanish teachers must complete 24 units of upper division coursework in Spanish and be admitted into the College of Education.

A Stimulating Environment that is Rich in Options and Resources

The Department provides a stimulating environment for its majors. Small classes and the opportunity for research, service learning, career internship opportunities, individualized advising and a variety of study abroad programs offer majors a rich variety of options.

The Department's faculty has distinguished itself for its award-winning undergraduate and graduate teaching and for its insightful and ground-breaking contributions to scholarship.

An active chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, the National Spanish Honor Society, the Spanish Club and the Bate Papo provide for stimulating extra curricular opportunities for students.

Ways to Enhance Your Spanish Major

Minors are chosen in consultation with the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Spanish. The Department strongly encourages majors to pursue a minor in Portuguese. Majors in Spanish are encouraged to take courses in areas related to their area of study such as Latin American Studies or Mexican and Mexican American Studies. All Spanish majors are required to take the equivalent of one year of Portuguese.

For questions, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies. You may also make an advising appointment through the UA Trellis


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