Spanish General Emphasis

The Spanish General Emphasis offers students innovative courses in Spanish that helps them improve their skills in intercultural communication. Our professors are well-known scholars who specialize in a variety of fields, including: visual art, music, cinema, culture, literature, urban spaces, borders/migration, translation, interpretation, linguistics. The department strives to offer the students an academic experience that complements their professional goals.

Degree Emphasis Course Requirements


Part A

Spanish Core

All Spanish majors must complete the 5 courses in the Spanish Core component.

Part B 

Generalist Emphasis

Choose 1 course from the following list (3 units)

  • Span 340 Spanish Phonetics
  • Span 343 Spanish Phonetics for the Heritage Speaker
  • Span 360 Spanish Structure


Introduction to Translation & Interpretation
One Course (3 units)

  • SPAN 341 Translation and Interpretation 


Choose 5 courses from the following list (15 units)

  • SPAN 371 Spanish for Business and Economics
  • SPAN 381 Medical/Buisness Translation
  • SPAN 382 Legal/Buisness Translation
  • SPAN 400 Major Works in Spanish Literature
  • SPAN 401 Major Works in Latin American Literature
  • SPAN 403 Major Works in Mexican and Mexican American Literature
  • SPAN 430 Issues in Spanish Culture
  • SPAN 431 Issues in Spanish American Culture
  • SPAN 433 Issues in Mexican and Mexican American Culture
  • SPAN 435 Cervantes’ Don Quixote
  • SPAN 436 Readings in Spanish Prose from the Middle Ages through the Twentieth Century 
  • SPAN 437 Spanish Theater
  • SPAN 441 Children's Literature in Spanish
  • SPAN 448 Mexican and Mexican-American Film
  • SPAN 449x Topics in Selected Literature and Cultural Studies
  • SPAN 452 Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
  • SPAN 453 Theory of Spanish Morphosyntax
  • SPAN 455 History of Spanish Language
  • SPAN 457 Applied Linguistics
  • SPAN 458 Spanish Socio Linguistics
  • SPAN 480 Service Learning
  • SPAN 493 Internship
  • SPAN 498 Capstone
  • SPAN 498H Honors Thesis
  • SPAN 399/499 Independent Study



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