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King Ramirez, Carmen
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Dr. King Ramírez is an Associate Professor at the University of Arizona. She teaches a variety of courses related to the use of Spanish in community and professional contexts. From 2015-2023, she worked as the founding director of the online Spanish program at the University. Dr. King Ramirez conducts research related to online teacher education, international academic collaborations, and world languages for specific purposes (WLSP).  She collaborates with several Mexican universities including the Universidad de Sonora, CETYS Universidad, and Universidad de Monterrey. In 2022, she was selected as a U.S.-Mexico Fulbright Scholar.

Selected Publications (full list available:
- King Ramírez, C. (2022). 
Virtual exchange in Latin America: a profile of faculty and staff participants. Journal of Virtual Exchange5, 105-132.

-King Ramírez, C., Lafford, B. & Wermers, J. (2021). Online World Language Instruction: Training and Evaluation.  Georgetown University Press.

-King Ramírez, C & Lafford, B. (2018). Transferable Skills for the 21st Century:  Preparing Students for the Workplace through World Languages for Specific Purposes. Sabio Books. 

King-Ramírez, C. (2020). The implications of academic culture in collaborative online international learning (COIL): Differences between Mexican and U.S. Students’           Perspectives. Foreign Language Annals.

-King de Ramírez, C. (2019). Global Citizenship Education Through Collaborative Online International Learning in the Borderlands: A Case of the Arizona–Sonora              Megaregion.  Journal of Studies in International Education. 1-18.

-King de Ramírez, C. (2017). The Importance of Socialization among International Volunteers: A Case of Border NGOs. Intercultural Communication Journal. 1-17.

-King de Ramírez, C. (2017).  Spanish for the professions: Heritage learners’ experiences in community internships. In M. Long (Ed), Languages for Specific Purposes: Trends in Curriculum Development. (pp. 55-72). Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press.  

-King de Ramírez, C. & Lafford, B.  (2017). Mentors’ Perspectives on Professional Internships: Rewards, Challenges and Future Directions. In M. Bloom & C. Gascoigne (Eds), Creating experiential learning opportunities for language learners. (pp. 135-159). Bristol, United Kingdom: Multilingual Matters.

Selected Awards

  •  U.S.- Mexico Fulbright Scholar (2022)
  • Mellon-Fronteridades Faculty Fellowship program (2021)
  • Arizona-Sonora Interuniversity Research Collaboration Seed Grant. (2019)
  • Consortium on North American Higher Education Collaboration (Conahec) Faculty Exchange (2018)

Meet the DSP - Professor King de Ramirez's video.

Currently Teaching

SPAN 330 – Intermediate Conversation

SPAN 586 – World Languages for Professional Purposes

World Languages for Professional Purposes is a course designed to help language instructors understand and meet the demands of 21st century professionals. This course introduces students to Language for Specific Purposes (LSP), a growing branch of applied linguistics. LSP is the primary approach used by language/cultural experts who educate individuals in community and professional venues. Students enrolled in this course will learn how to perform a need analysis of linguistic and cultural skills required in specific professional fields (e.g. health care, social work, and education) as well as create course curricula based on needs analysis.

The course is languages agnostic and open to graduate students from various areas of specialization. However, this course was specifically designed to meet the needs of students enrolled in the Masters in the Teaching of Spanish Education program.