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Fraser, Benjamin R

Benjamin Fraser is Full Professor of Iberian and Latin American Cultural Studies in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese in the College of Humanities, a member of the Disability Studies Initiative ( and a Faculty Affiliate of Public and Applied Humanities. He is the author of twelve single-authored monographs, eight edited volumes, multiple guest-edited journal issues, and ninety articles and book chapters relating to disability studies, the urban humanities/urban cultural studies, and Iberian and Latin American literary and cultural studies. He is Editor-in-Chief of Hispania, the flagship scholarly journal of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP), Founding and Executive Editor of the Journal of Urban Cultural Studies, Senior Editor of the Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies and Founding Co-Editor of the Hispanic Urban Studies book series. He has served as Professor and Department Head of Spanish and Portuguese at University of Arizona (2018-2019), Professor and Department Chair of Foreign Languages and Literatures at East Carolina University (2014-2018), and has previously held the rank of Tenured Associate Professor (2013-2014) and Assistant Professor (2010-2013) at the College of Charleston, and Assistant Professor (2006-2010) at Christopher Newport University.


Contemporary Iberian & Latin American Film, Literature & Cultural Studies

Urban Studies, Cultural Geography and Spatial Theory

Cognitive Disability Studies, Health and Illness, Deaf Studies/Deaf Culture

Visual and Media Culture (Film, TV, Comics, Music, Photography, Painting, Videogames)

Continental Philosophy (Bergson, Lefebvre, Deleuze)

Tourism, Travel, Transportation and Mobility Studies

Digital Humanities




2017     Digital Barcelona Project, East Carolina University. This collaborative digital project is completed and publicly available, based on an undergraduate Honors College course taught fall 2016, “Barcelona: An Interdisciplinary Urban History.” Student work in audio, video and text formats was vetted by a collaborative team, edited, and integrated into the online Omeka Exhibit and corresponding Neatline map. Collaboration with 16 undergraduate honors students as well as Educational Technology Consultant Dr. Irina Swain, MAIS graduate student Camille Kresz, and University Multimedia Center Director Laurie Godwin. Project hosted by East Carolina University’s ITCS Division.


2014     Gran Vía Madrid Digital Project, College of Charleston. This collaborative digital project is completed and publicly available, based on student work from SPAN 630: Seminar in Hispanic Studies, an interdisciplinary digital humanities-centered course conducted in Spanish at the graduate level. Collaboration with library faculty Jolanda-Pieta van Arnhem to integrate student work to the Gran Vía Madrid Digital Humanities exhibit and interactive map using Omeka and Neatline. Project hosted by the Digital Scholarship and Services (DSS) Dept. at the College of Charleston Libraries.




----       Fraser, B. Beyond Sketches of Spain: Tete Montoliu and the Construction of Iberian Jazz. New York: Oxford University Press. under contract/forthcoming.


2022    Fraser, B. Barcelona, City of Comics: Urbanism, Architecture and Design in Postdictatorial Spain. Prol. by Pere Joan. Albany: SUNY Press.


2021    Fraser, B. Obsession, Urban Aesthetics and the Iberian City: The Partial Madness of Modern Urban Culture. Nashville: Vanderbilt University Press.


2019    Fraser, B. Visible Cities, Global Comics: Urban Images and Spatial Form. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi.


Nominated for 2019-20 SCMS Katherine Singer Kovács Award

Selected for 2020 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title

Reviewed in International Journal of Comic Art 21.2, 2020

Interviewed for Broken Frontiers comics blog, Dec. 11, 2019


2019    Fraser, B. The Art of Pere Joan: Space, Landscape and Comics Form. Austin: University of Texas Press.


Reviewed in Revista de Estudios Hispánicos 55.2, 2021

Nominated for 2020 Eisner Award (short-list of 6) for Best Academic / Scholarly Work

Reviewed in Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics (online prepublication)

Reviewed in European Comic Art 13.1, 2020


2018    Fraser, B. Cognitive Disability Aesthetics: Visual Culture, Disability Representations, and the (In)Visibility of Cognitive Difference. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.


Reviewed in Bulletin of Spanish Studies 98.1, 2021

Reviewed in Disability Studies Quarterly 40.1, 2020

Reviewed in Disability and Society 35.8, 2020

Selected as Open Access tite:

Reviewed in Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature 72.2, 2018


2015    Fraser, B. Toward an Urban Cultural Studies: Henri Lefebvre and the Humanities. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.


Reviewed in Topia: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies 38, 2017

Reviewed in Social and Cultural Geography 17.2, 2016

Reviewed in Transnational Literature 9.1, 2015


2015    Fraser, B. Digital Cities: The Interdisciplinary Future of the Urban Geo-Humanities. Backingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.


2014    Fraser, B. Antonio López García’s Everyday Urban Worlds: A Philosophy of Painting. Lewisburg, PA: Bucknell University Press.


Reviewed in Bulletin of Spanish Visual Studies 1.2, 2017

Reviewed in Hispania 99.2, 2016


2013    Fraser, B. Disability Studies and Spanish Culture: Films, Novels, the Comic and the Public Exhibition. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press.


Selected as Open Access title:

Reviewed in Journal of Literary and Cultural Disability Studies 10.1, 2016

Reviewed in Studies in Spanish and Latin American Cinemas 13.2, 2016

Reviewed in Bulletin of Hispanic Studies 93.5, 2016

Reviewed in Bulletin of Spanish Studies 92.2, 2015

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2013    Fraser, B. Understanding Juan Benet: New Perspectives. Fwd. by Malcolm Alan Compitello. Columbia: University of South Carolina Press.


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Cited in the Spanish press in the Diario de León, 2013


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Reviewed in Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies 16.1, 2015




2021    Fraser, B. and S. Spalding (eds). Transnational Railway Cultures: Trains in Music, Literature, Film and Visual Art. New York; Oxford: Berghahn Books [Explorations in Mobility #6].


2016    Fraser, B. (ed. & introd.). Cultures of Representation: Disability in World Cinema Contexts. New York: Wallflower Press/Columbia University Press.


Nominated by Columbia UP for SCMS Best Edited Collection Award 2017

Reviewed in Disability & Society 31.9, 2016

Reviewed in New Cinemas 14.2, 2016


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Reviewed in Cuadernos de Literatura 17.33, 2013


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2021     Fraser, B. “El ingenio visual de Miguel Noguera: el noveno arte vs la literatura en el cómic ‘Camilo José Cela’ (2010).” Bulletin of Spanish Visual Studies 5.1, pp. 111-33.


2021     Fraser, B. “Architecture, Urbanistic Ideology, and the Poetic-Analytic Documentary Mode in Mercado de futuros (2011) by Mercedes Álvarez.” In Architecture and the Urban in Spanish Film. Edited by Susan Larson. Bristol: Intellect. pp. 22-37.


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2014-present     Founding Co-Editor, w/ Susan Larson, Hispanic Urban Studies book series (Palgrave)


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SPAN 350 – Readings in the Literary Genres

SPAN 449A – Topics in Spanish Literature and Cultural Studies

This course will explore topics in the literature and culture of Spain. Through the readings in this course students will develop analytical and interpretive skills and learn to apply these skills both within the classroom environment and on their own. Additionally, students will achieve a nuanced understanding of the literature's social and historical context.

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Qualified students working on an individual basis with professors who have agreed to supervise such work. Graduate students doing independent work which cannot be classified as actual research will register for credit under course number 599, 699, or 799.

Qualified students working on an individual basis with professors who have agreed to supervise such work. Graduate students doing independent work which cannot be classified as actual research will register for credit under course number 599, 699, or 799.

SPAN 920 – Dissertation

Research for the doctoral dissertation (whether library research, laboratory or field observation or research, artistic creation, or dissertation writing).

Research for the doctoral dissertation (whether library research, laboratory or field observation or research, artistic creation, or dissertation writing).