Major and Minor Requirements

Spanish Major

Degree Requirements

Core Courses (*denotes classes for Spanish Heritage speakers):

  • 3 units (1 course) in Grammar and Writing SPAN 325 or SPAN 323*
  • 3 units (1 course) in Conversation SPAN 330 or SPAN 333*
  • 3 units (1 course) in Literature SPAN 350 or SPAN 352
  • 6 units in Portuguese (2 courses) PORT 305 and PORT 325

All students majoring in Spanish are required to choose an emphasis in one of the following areas, in addition to the core classes:

A minor is required. Consult with your advisor to select a minor or discuss other options such as selecting a second major.

Every undergraduate degree program requires satisfaction of the Mid-Career Writing Assessment (MCWA).

N.B.: University policy does not allow courses offered for Tier 1 General Education credit to be applied to any major or minor.

Spanish or Portuguese Minor

We offer two minors: a minor in Spanish and a minor in Portuguese.

Spanish Minor Degree Requirements

The minor in Spanish consists of no less than 18-20 units of work beyond the 102 level, and must include at least nine units of upper division coursework. Required courses include SPAN 201, 202, 251, 325, 330, and 350 or 352. Students must meet prerequisites to take 400-level courses.

The required courses are also offered in the Heritage Track, SPAN 253, 323 and 333.

Portuguese Minor Degree Requirements

The minor in Portuguese consists of no less than 18 units, starting at 200 with at least 9 units of upper division courses.


Questions? Contact the Undergraduate Advisor for Spanish and Portuguese.