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Kim, Taehyeong
Graduate Associate

Taehyeong (/tʰɛ.hjʌŋ/) is a first year Ph.D. student in Hispanic Linguistics in the Department of Spanish & Portuguese. He received a Bachelor of Social Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. He holds a Master of Arts in Hispanic Language and Literature from Seoul National University, with the thesis focusing on the resyllabified /s/ of Spanish perceived by Spanish native speakers compared with the onset and the fake geminate. In addition to his Graduate Associate position in teaching Spanish at the University of Arizona, he has been in charge of online Korean courses for Colombians as a Korean native speaker. 

His primary research interests in Hispanic Linguistics are the following: syllable structure, resyllabification, homophonous contexts, speech perception, lexical access, suprasegmental features, morphophonology, syntax-phonology interface, and variationist perspective.

Currently Teaching

SPAN 102 – Second Semester Spanish

Oral approach.

Oral approach.