Translation & Interpretation

The Translation and Interpretation Program offered by the Spanish and Portuguese Department is one of the very few programs in the nation that offers a Bachelor Degree in Spanish with a concentration in Translation and Interpretation (T&I). It is the only one that approaches both translation and interpretation simultaneously and comprehensively, focusing on the health care and legal fields.

Our students come from the Spanish and Portuguese department, but we also receive students from other programs in the fields of Mexican-American and Raza studies, Latin American Studies, Physiology, Pre-Nursing, Pre-Medical, Public Health, Speech Therapy, Psychology, Law, and Business, among many others.

The T&I program addresses fundamental philosophical, theoretical, practical, and technical areas and skills necessary for the  provision of professional cross-cultural linguistic services in the healthcare and legal sectors. It provides the academic resources and practical skills necessary for professional development as an interpreter and translator in those areas. The program offers courses in social justice, applied linguistics, translation and interpretation theory and practice. These include related aspects of human rights and social-justice policies and standards for the provision of equal access to all people, and the role that language policies, translation and interpreting services for limited and non-English speaking populations play in attaining those goals. The curriculum explores how language works, the nature and structure of language, and aspects of linguistics relevant to the development of translation competence, especially grammatical competence in English and Spanish. It examines concepts and techniques related to perception, understanding, meaning, purpose, and function applied to professional translation and interpretation, as well as general aspects of the practice and professional standards of translation, interpretation and cross-cultural communication in healthcare and legal settings.


Students enrolled in the T&I program major in Spanish, with a concentration in T&I. The major consists of 42 credits, 21 in Spanish and 21 concentration credits in T&I. The required concentration courses are listed below

Practicums, Internships, and Directed Study Options

Besides, the T&I program offers numerous practicums, internships, and directed study options with established legal and health care providers and institutions, so students can gain hands-on, practical experience while working with providers and serving the community (see the Practicums and Internships section).


If you are already highly proficient in English and Spanish and are interested in cross-cultural communication or in becoming a translator/interpreter, we encourage you to keep reading and request additional information. You are very welcome!


Director of Undergraduate Translation and Interpretation

Jaime Fatás-Cabeza
MMA, Certified Federal Interpreter, Certified Healthcare Interpreter
​Office: Modern Languages 542